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How can luxury home buyers and sellers find the best Las Cruces Real Estate Agent that specializes in luxury homes? Your time, privacy and resistance are incredibly valuable. The overall process of buying or selling a home remains one of the most time consuming and inefficient processes.

So how can luxury real estate buyers and sellers secure a professional agent that will ensure a smooth and profitable transaction that best delivers on their needs and tastes?

Las Cruces Real Estate Agent
Las Cruces Luxury Listing Agent

The Basics

Finding “just a real estate agent” isn’t that difficult. Las Cruces Real Estate Agent s are easy to come by but how can you tell who is good and who is not? Here are three basic tips on selecting your Las Cruces Real Estate Agent:


  1. Check the internet and look at Google, Zillow and Yelp Ratings
  2. Interview a few Las Cruces Real Estate Agent s
  3. Put them to the test



  1. Check the Internet and Look at Google, Zillow and Yelp Ratings


Nowadays, the internet has become the new referral system. Every business and professional should have a Google Business Page with some stars and Ratings.

As far as Las Cruces Real Estate Agent s…… YES! You guessed it. They also should be found on Google, Zillow, Yelp and other sites.

Look closely at their stars or ratings, and pay close attention to what others have to say about them.

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2. Interview a Few Las Cruces Real Estate Agent s


Statistics show that most sellers go for the first Realtor they talk to. The problem with this is that EVERYONE knows someone that is a Las Cruces Real Estate Agent, but that doesn’t mean that the person they talk about is good enough.

Meet a few Realtors and talk to them face to face.

It is imperative that you meet the person that you’re gonna be dealing with for the next six months. Talking to them in person and hearing what they have to say is imperative.

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3. Put Them To The Test


They say that most Realtors are “Professional Door Openers.” They tend to just open doors for buyers and let them look around without telling them about the house.

When interviewing a Las Cruces Real Estate Agent, ask them to give you a LIVE presentation about your house. They should be able to notice features, recognize finishes and effectively present your property.

They are not dealing with a mediocre home after all. They are selling a Luxury home and they should be able to convince a buyer that your property is worth what it’s worth.

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Final thoughts


For Luxury Real Estate buyers it is critical to find a Las Cruces Real Estate Agent who appreciates your taste in property and is willing to put in the hard work.

There are certain agents who do more than others, and have more knowledge about luxury, materials and marketing, tools.


Nobody that is planning to sell a $500,000 home should have a non-glossy flyer by the yard sign after all.



Quick Tips

  • Ask if they print fliers and what the turnaround is. Ask what type of paper they will use for the flyer (a double sided gloss is ideal).
  • Ask the Las Cruces Real Estate Agent if he/she is going to create a personalized website for your listing.
  • Ask about professional pictures and videos.
  • Check to see if they are going to post your property on social media and have them specify which sites they use.
  • Have them explain if they will add your home to Caravan or plan Realtor Parties.
  • Ask them if they will do an email blast.
  • Confirm that they will do open houses often.
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