It seems that the Las Cruces, NM real estate market is beginning to “mature”. The inherent beauty and unique charm of the people have begun to attract an interesting blend of buyers from all over the world. There has been much talk about the Las Cruces, NM real estate market and what it will bring in. There are numerous properties available with everything from new home developments to historic villas and adorable communities to suit any taste and budget.

Whether you’re looking for a great investment, or you want to relocate to a warmer climate, Las Cruces, NM real estate will get you more for your money. Here are 3 updates that you need to know about.

  1. GROWTH – The Las Cruces, NM real estate market has seen a lot of changes recently. Lots of new communities have appeared in areas that we never thought would be developed like Metro Verde and Metro Park. The growth of the city has unexpectedly been spreading East towards the Organ Mountains due to the many job opportunities at White Sands NM.
  1. PRICES – Las Cruces, NM real estate is known for lower prices compared to other towns in the United States. Not too many years ago, the average price of a home was about $120,000. Now prices are averaging around $150,000. Even renting a house will be much pricier. Renting a home in Las Cruces, NM could cost you about $900 a month. That is outrageous compared to a few years ago.
  1. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – Las Cruces, NM Realtors like myself (Manny Patino) have seen a lot of ups and downs but currently the Real Estate market has been on an upward trend. This has allowed for the city to grow and a lot of new businesses to start coming into town. We have seen stores like Sprouts, Rudy’s, and Sweet Cece’s appear. Not only that, if you haven’t noticed, a lot of the commercial lots on Northrise are already sold. This type of commercial development will allow for us to see even more residential communities show up.

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