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Spaceport America Tours – A few weeks ago, Virgin Galactic reps told journalists that in 2018, a plan would be prepared to make its 10 year old project come to life which would send private citizens to the final frontier. This is a big deal for Las Cruces Real Estate and the region because the aerospace company said it will start to ramp up its commercial flight service and begin moving almost 100 families to the state and creating jobs while doing so.

What does this mean for Las Cruces? Well, with the influx of new residents to the area, an undisclosed amount of jobs dealing with hospitality, management and operations will be created. This will in turn help with the Las Cruces Real Estate market and economy. At the moment, there are already a good amount of employees at the Las Cruces office and that will have to increase. Not only that, curious minds will want to be part of this and that’s where Curtis Rosemund, owner of Final Frontier Tours comes in. Aficionados from around the world will be able to visit and have a hands-on experience inside a real commercial space launch facility. – Spaceport America Tours

Spaceport America tours have been on hold for too long and it’s now time to continue with the project that will literally be in the history books. Visitors will start their tour at the Spaceport America Visitor Center in Truth or Consequences where they will be able to purchase tickets, t-shirts, and much more.

From there, they will be taken to the Spaceport America site where according to the Las Cruces Sun News, they will ascend the gentle rise of the Astronaut Walk, will enter the Gateway Gallery, and continue their journey where they may even experience the G-Shock simulator.

“We are extremely excited to partner up with Spaceport America as their official tour guide,” Curtis Rosemond said.

Curtis Rosemund, who is also the current CEO and President of the Las Cruces Hispanic Chamber of Commerce started Final Frontier Tours in June.

The type of effect that Spaceport America will bring to Las Cruces Real Estate, tourism, and much more will be outstanding for the city’s economy.

For more information, please visit the Spaceport Visitor Center website

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